Rodent Control for Rats & Mice

We specialise in rat control and recommend commercial bait treatments for Brisbane rat and mice problems. Laying a commercial grade bait is the most effective way of eradicating rats from your property.  Our serviceman are licenced pest controller so therefore are able to lay these baits for you.

A rat can get into a hole the size of a man’s thumb nail so very small area.  As you would imagine there are many areas around our homes were rodents can gain entry.  Our serviceman will do a full inspection and give advise on any areas they identity may contribute to the problem.

If your are hearing noises like gnawing, scratching and scurrying in the ceiling or in the wall. Often these noises are heard through the night, then you more than likely have a rodent problem.  As rodents need to chew to keep their teeth down they will chew through anything including electrical wires, which can cause significant damage and pose a fire hazard to you and your home.

Our serviceman will control your rats by laying these commercial grade baits which have an attractant in it.  The baits are designed for the rodents to seek it out, eat it and because the bait has a true dehydrating property, it is designed to make rodent leave the cavity to go away and die.  We do give a three months service free period to ensure we have solved the problem for you. For further information see our mice and rat control faq’s.

Head Office based in Newmarket, with local rat serviceman based around Brisbane and in Ipswich and Redcliffe.

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Rats vs. Mice … There Is a Difference

As the days turn cooler, mice and rats like to take up residence away from the cool nights. However while they will happily live in ceilings with possums, it is usual to find rats and mice living together. So what is the difference between rats and mice? Rats are much larger than mice, and are stronger climbers. So if you hear gnawing and scampering in your roof, then it is more likely to be a rat.

Rats prefer routines and pathways, and will avoid new objects (such as rat traps) in their pathway, whereas mice are very curious and will explore a new object, which is why it is usually easier to trap mice than rats.

Mice will eat almost anything, but prefer cereal grains and plants. Rats also will eat almost anything, but prefer meat and grains, which means your pantry is prime rodent territory.

Mice prefer to nest in hidden areas near food sources, such as the back of your pantry or beneath skirting boards. Rats regularly burrow, swim or climb to reach their food sources but then return to their hiding places.

Mice can slip through gaps as small as 5mm in size, whereas adult rats need a 1cm gap to enter, so make sure your weather strips under your doors go all the way to the ground.  Rats can also enter buildings through broken pipes or toilets so it pays to fix your plumbing before winter and block off other entry holes in walls and floors.