Rat Control – Frequently Asked Questions

What baits do you use to control rats?

As our Brisbane servicemen are licensed pest controllers they have access to commercial grade rat baits which are very effective. We use a variety of commercial grade quality rat baits to get rid of rats.

Do the rats die inside the roof?

The quality baits we use dehydrate the rats, which means the rats will leave the cavities and go looking for water. It is not common that they die inside.

What damage can rodent do?

Rats and mice are rodents which mean their teeth continually grow, so they have to chew to wear their teeth down, not just to eat. So rats will chew anything. They like warm spots so often chew light fittings and electrical cables. They also chew wood and often make holes in walls and insulation.

Will my child or dog be harmed?

When our servicemen lay rodent baits they take extreme care to place them in secure locations where children and pets can’t access them. We work with children and pets everyday and will advise on pet safety during the consultation.

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