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Peter the Possum man has licensed and experienced servicemen to control your rat problem. Rats and mice breed quickly and can do a lot of damage to your wiring as they huddle around warm lights and as rats and mice are rodents they must chew to keep their teeth short.

Our servicemen use commercial grade treatments to control rats and remove them from your home. We also do an inspection to give advice of any things around your home that could be attracting rats that can be removed to reduce the chance of future rat infestations.

We can also install external rat bait stations for rat problems outside or properties with chickens or guinea pigs. These stations control the problem before the breed in numbers and move inside your house.

We offer a 3 month free service period to ensure the rat control treatment is effective in getting rid of rats from your property. For more information see our rat control FAQs.

Our business has been operating in Brisbane suburbs for over 30 years and our aim is to provide a reliable, quality service supported by a genuine warranty based on many years’ experience.
We are a specialist pest control company with expertise in wildlife removal including possum removal and repairs, rodent control, wasp and bee removal, bush turkey removal, bird proofing and pigeon removal including shooting, trapping and treatments.
We promote co-existence with urban wildlife using ethical and humane control methods to provide customers with a fast effective solution.

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We have licensed and experienced servicemen who can inspect your property, give advice to reduce further problems and lay quality rat baits to remove and control your rodent problem.

We also recommend and can install external rat bait stations for outside problems or where properties that have chickens, guinea pigs or pet birds. These stations will remove the rats and then ensure any new rats that are drawn into the area by the pet food are controlled before they breed up in numbers and move into your home.

Office hours are Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 4 pm, however we do offer after hour’s services.

Our Head Office is based in Newmarket, but we have local rat serviceman based in a number of suburbs around Brisbane, covering an area out to Logan, Ipswich and Redcliffe.

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