Our Brisbane Rat Services

Rat and mice problems in Brisbane should be controlled immediately as rats breed quickly and can cause damage to electrical wiring. We specialise in Brisbane rat control and recommend commercial bait treatments to remove the rats.

Our Rodent Services Include:

  • Rat Removal – rat treatments to control rodents in and around buildings.
  • Mice Removal – Treatments to eradicate mice from kitchens and houses.
  • Bait Station Installation – Installing bait stations to outdoor areas and garages.
  • Rodent Spot Proofing – If possible spot proofing to reduce rat access into buildings.
  • Rodent Inspection Advice – Information about things that may attract rats.
  • Dead Removal – Deceased creature search, removal and deodorising.
  • Ceiling Vacuum – Vacuuming to remove droppings, dust and debris.


We promote co-existence with urban wildlife using ethical and humane control methods to provide customers with a fast effective solution.

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Call us for effective rat control.Our Head Office is based in Newmarket, but we have local rat serviceman based in a number of suburbs around Brisbane, covering an area out to Logan, Ipswich and Redcliffe.

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