Mice Pest Control

Mice problems in Brisbane should be addressed straight away as they multiple quickly and can cause damage to your home. Our Company specializes in Brisbane mouse control and recommends commercial bait treatments to control the problem.

Our servicemen are licensed pest controllers who have access to commercial grade rat baits. These are strong effective baits which are true dehydratants and eradicate mice. The baits are designed so that once eaten the mice should leave the cavity in search of water.

To prevent or minimize a mouse reinfestation, our serviceman can also advise on rodent control and suggest what could be attracting the mice and propose solutions. Where possible we can then quote to spot proof any main mice entry points.

Our Brisbane mice removal treatments come with a three month free service period to ensure effective mouse control. For further information see our mice and rat control FAQ’s.

Tupperware lid web ready

Mice love kitchens and often get into cupboards and chew containers.

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*Additionally we can provide roof vacuuming to remove mice droppings and dust.